Soon we will post photo's and video's from last edition!
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We're proud to invite you to:


The Moth 2013,

Saturday August 3, 16.00h

opening hours:
Saturday August 3, 15.00-00.00
Sunday August 4, 12.00-17.00


Performing artists:

Simon Kentgens works at The Moth
Esther Kokmeijer works at the Moth
Oldseed makes beautiful music
Ulrike Doszmann will do a dance performance
Kees de Haan will recite work specially made for The Moth
DJ's Dralt will fill up the blancs with their catchy tunes and sexy appearance...

Petra Kaiser will cook a delicious meal for everyone!


This year there is an entrance fee of €12.50

We pre sell 50 tickets on the website, and the ones left we sell at the gate.

We want to regulate the amount of people who visit The Moth, to many people will damage the natural surroundings of The Moth and this is the last thing we want...
So if you're smart you buy your ticket in advance.

Buy your ticket and what do you get?

* Your entrance ticket to the Moth 2013, handmade and personalised.
* Petra Kaiser will make you a wonderful dinner!
* You can stay over with your tent in our garden or in one of our neighbours gardens...


You can also donate money if you like, go to our donate page on this website to find out how


If you want to stay overnight with a tent in our garden (please confirm this in advance, because our space is limited!!!)
If camping is not your cup of tea, you can stay at one of the many B&B in the village (it's really wise to make a reservation, it's summertime, and some of the locations are already fully booked...)

Also check out Facebook Page!

Hope to see you all,


Marcel and Gam