The Moth

There is always the attraction. This longing for escape from the city, transformation from the hype to the hippie oh no! First being focused and then turning out of focus. Everything feels blurry. A carpet of high grass tickling under my chin. The tick bites himself into my groin. Thwarting the satisfaction of desire. A feeling of discomfort crawls like a worm through my veins. The river is flowing. The insects are humming. The biotope is growing. The moth turns away from the daylight and find its way back home into his own habitat. The neighbor’s dog cries a tender tune together with the church bells. I am losing track of reality. I have to get myself together again. Learning to see this life in a new perspective. I have to get de-urbanized.

The Moth can be many things. There is a piece of land surrounded by two shallow streams and a tiny wooden cottage with a porch like a living room. Years ago, my dad bought it and we (Buck and I) fell in love with this place. Since we are both artists ourselves, we decided it would be a challenge to invite other friends and artists every new season to find out if they can create or show their work in this environment. The green monster Mr. Nature, the local lifestyle and the lack of white walls could be horrifying. Making you want to sleep nonstop. With one hand in the soil kneading it endlessly...


























Artist Initiative The Moth