This year it's all going to be a bit different than the years before. This year you have to buy an entrance ticket.

Why do we charge an entrance fee?

*All the artists that perform in The moth 2013 do this on a voluntarily base, but still it will cost them some money to travel and work. With this entrance fee we can pay a part of their costs.

How and How much?

Send us an E-mail ( info[at] )how many tickets you want to buy and include your postal address.
We'll reply to you and send you an invoice.
When the payment is done you will receive a conformation of your payment and the reservation, and we send you the handmade tickets to your home address two weeks before August 3.

The entrance fee is:

Adults: €12,50
Children: free entrance

Buy your ticket and what do you get?

* Your entrance ticket to the Moth 2013, handmade and personalised.
* There will be a cook who will make you a wonderful dinner!
* You can stay over with your tent in our garden or in one of our neighbours gardens...

Performing artists:

Simon Kentgens (art)
Esther Kokmeijer (art)
Oldseed (music)
Ulrike Doszmann (dance)
Kees de Haan (reciter)
DJ's Dralt (music)

We want to regulate the amount of people who visit The Moth, to many people will damage the natural surroundings of The Moth and this is the last thing we want... So therefore we pre-sell a maximum of 50 tickets.
It's wise to buy your tickets in advance, their will be only a few tickets available at our gate on August 3.

Artist Initiative The Moth