Opening: Saturday October 24th 2009, 16.30h

Yarre Stooker - click here to see what Yarre did in The Moth
Tilmann Meyer-Faje - click here to see what Tilmann did in The Moth
TIR - scroll down to see

Autumn edition in The Moth, we've got two great artists: Yarre (on the left) and Tilmann.

every year (on her birthday/sinterklaas/christmas) Gam asks for her own horse...

Mem cooked delicious Thai food...

Buck build himself a DJ Booth...

Yarre had a big, and some small projections in the garden

TIR!!! performed!!!

and Yarre did his performance...

..and we all DJ-ed the night away (untill the speakers blew...Thanks Kringloop Zuid!)

Artist Initiative The Moth