Every morning there is a list of things to be done. The lists are written on cut out cardboards from old boxes of eatables. Flap is a worker and a hoarder. A philosopher in an indian way, very much being himself in every situation. Flap would never cut off his beard, he loves to ride his scooterbike and shoots his arrow all the way through the fruit trees, bang into the target.
In 1993 he bought the little wooden cottage. Built on a piece of land called The Moth. Here he can do and be whatever he wants. He gets inspired by the continuous growth of nature around him. And how he can use and reuse all the bits and pieces of this growth. One of the first things he made in The Moth was a wooden hotel for the insects. On the branches of the fruit trees you can see pots hanging upside down with straw in it. He told me it is for the earwig to hide. If you attract them they will eat the aphids. A natural insecticide. Flap can also be a tree doctor. He puts moss in a pantyhose, leaves it for some time in a bucket to soak in. Then he squirts the moss substance upon ill trees. It’s so wonderful! Flap healed our oldest apple tree with the tasteful red star apples.
After a day of good work Flap settles himself into a chair on the porch, drinks his nip, smokes a cigar and accepts the night surrounding his cottage. Advising a lost and confused bumblebee to find its way back to the entrance of its home. Murmuring, breathing, letting thoughts be what they are. Smoking the mosquitoes away.

*The owner of 'de Mot', Flap, passed away on july 15th 2015 at the age of 79.